Birthday: April 6, 2006 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-183SM

Mylove is a petite eleven year old girl who loves to help around the house. She lives with her mom, two sisters, and one brother in the village of Dal-gros near Galette Chambon. She does not know her father. He has never been around. That sometimes makes her sad, she she tries not to think about it. She is good friends with her big sister and mama and she likes it when the three of them work together washing clothes and dishes together. They like to sing when the wash. Mylove and her sister used to go to school, but they are having to sit out of school for three years while their younger siblings get a chance to go to school. When she was in school, her favorite subjects were French and mathematics. When she grows up, she wants to learn how to sew and makes clothes for people and she also wants to learn how to drive a car.