Birthday: July 3, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-137SM


Mirlanda¬†is a fifteen year old girl from Galette Chambon who lives with her aunt, sister, and two brothers. Their parents died two years ago in a tragic accident and their aunt moved in to take care of them. She does not have a steady source of income other than selling a few vegetables and fruits from their garden at market each week. Mirlanda was in school before her parents died. Her dad had a pretty decent income as a tap tap driver. After they died, however, she had to sit out of school and help her aunt with he brothers and sister. She does still study in her free time though. She wants to become a nurse one day and she knows that if she is to ever get to nursing school, she must keep her studies going whether she’s in school or not. She is confident that she will eventually find a sponsor and get back in school. She was in the 6th grade when she had to quit, so she’s not too far behind just yet. Her favorite thing to study is French. She is very thankful for her aunt because she knows how to speak French and she helps Mirlanda practice her French. That will be important when she moves on to the 7th grade because all of her books will be in French!