Birthday: January 22, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-132M

Jhonny is a brilliant fourteen year old boy from the village of Ti Source near Mares Roseau which is about an hour’s walk to the BGM School in Galette Chambon. Jhonny lives with his mother, father, three sisters, and six brothers. His father is a farmer who works a large garden with several other farmers in their village and his mother works as a “komésant” which means she is a vendor. In his spare time, Jhonny loves to work on cars and motorcycles. His two older brothers drive moto tap taps and they love to fix vehicles too. The three of them have actually made a little money for their family by fixing motos! Jhonny would love to one day go to a trade school to become a certified mechanic, but he must finish high school first. He did not have the money to pay tuition this year to start school, but he is hoping he will get a sponsor soon so he can start back to school before he misses a whole year.