Birthday: April 10, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-126M


Guervens is a motivated thirteen year old who lives with his mother, father, six sisters, and five brothers in the village of Boukandris. Boukandris is at least an hour walk to school every day, but Guervens knows many young people from his village that walk as a group to school at the BGM school every day, and he is hoping that one day soon he can join them! His mother is what they call a Komèsant which is a business woman, and his father is a farmer. Even though they both make money in their jobs, it is not enough to send twelve children to school. In his free time, Guervens likes to play soccer, study his friends’ old textbooks, eat, sleep, and visit friends in other villages. He wants to be a doctor one day, so he tries hard not to get too far behind in school. That is why he borrows textbooks from his friends and studies them all the time. His favorite subject is French. He knows that one day he will have to be fluent in French because he wants to go to school to become a doctor. In the meantime, he doesn’t mind studying on his own if that is what he has to do to let some of his siblings go to school. He has faith that he will one day get his turn again.