Birthday: June 10, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-129M

Chrisnold is a determined fifteen year old from the village of TiSouce almost to Mares Roseaux which is almost a two hour walk to the BGM School. He lives with his mother, four sisters, and two brothers. His father died last year of cancer. It is hard for his mother to take care of all of her children by herself, so she counts on other family members to help her. Sometimes she cleans houses to make a little money and sometimes she sell eggs when their chickens lay extra. This is certainly not enough to feed her family as well as send her kids to school. Chrisnold wants very badly to go to school to become a doctor one day, so he dreams of the day that he will be able to return to school. He wants to go to the BGM school because they have a sponsorship program and they have a good reputation for being a good school. This is why he walked all the way to Hope Center one day and asked to be photographed for the program. He is willing to work very hard and study extra hard if it means he can go to school and get a hot meal every day.