Birthday: December 27, 2007 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-170JHC

Fanise is a bright eleven year old who is eager to start fresh in her new home at Hope Center village in Galette Chambon. Fanise lives with her aunt and uncle on the hill behind Hope Center. She used to live with her parents in Port au Prince, but her father died and her mother is very sick with cancer. After her mother went into the hospital to receive chemotherapy, there was no one at her house to take care of her. Her mother asked if she could go live with her aunt and go to school in Galette Chambon. Fanise was really happy about the idea because she loves school and her cousins really enjoy living in Galette Chambon. She does have one brother who still lives in Port au Prince, but he is staying with another family member. Fanise enjoys reading and playing with her friends and cousins. She also loves to cook! She wants to one day own her own market and sell beans, rice, sugar, and oil because she knows that everyone in Haiti likes these things and she could sell a lot!! Her favorite thing about the village is the playground. She has met many new friends there. She hopes that someday soon she will be able to go with her friends to school. As soon as she gets a sponsor, she will be able to start!