Birthday: January 4, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-174JHC

Amantha¬†is the oldest of four girls and one boy that all live an a tiny one-room house made of sticks and dried mud. She and her mom share responsibility for taking care of all of the younger children, including her sister’s baby who she considers her brother because her sister died while giving birth to him, so they have raised him as their brother. The family used to live in a village called Coupet, but after their father died, they all moved closer to Galette Chambon to an area called Plasman so their mother could try to find work and so they would have a good church to go to. They now go to Hope Center church and sometimes her mother is able to find a little work in the sewing center. Amantha desperately wants to finish high school and continue on to college to learn how to be a principal. Right now she can’t go to school because her mother can’t afford it. However, she believes that one day God is going to answer her prayers and send her someone who wants to help her go to school and eventually become a principal.