Birthday: December 6, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-176SM

Neika is a bright thirteen year old from the village of Galette Chambon who lives with her mother and father, grandmother, four sisters and two brothers. Her parents do not have a constant source of income, so it is difficult to make ends meet in her family. Neika wants to go to school, but her parents cannot afford it. She would be in the sixth grade if she could go to school. She wants desperately to go because she is so close to being ready to move to the secondary school. Neika loves working and helping her grandmother around the house while her parents work in the garden where they sharecrop. She would love to one day become a nurse. She said that it makes her sad to see her grandmother so sick sometimes and she wishes she could help her more. If she were a nurse, she would know how to help her! She often borrows old books from her friends and studies them on her own so that she can keep her learning current. This way, she will be ready to get back in school as soon as she gets a sponsor. She prays every day that one day she will be able to return to school and see her dreams of becoming a nurse come true.