Birthday: January 3, 2000 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-175SM


Rosemitha¬†is a bright and hard working seventeen year old who is determined to finish school in spite of difficulty. She lives with her mother, four sisters and three brothers. She went to school for the first time when she was six years old and her father sold a goat to pay her school tuition. She went to school for three years until her brother was ready for school. Her parents wanted to give him a chance to go to school, so Rosemitha, at eight years old, had to quit school. Her brother was able to go to school for two years, then their next youngest brother became old enough for school. So he got his turn. Meanwhile, Rosemitha and her oldest brother, sat out of school waiting their turn to go back. At this point, Rosemitha was almost eleven years old. All the time her brothers were going to school, Rosemitha was borrowing friends’ books and studying them hard so that she didn’t lose any of her skills before returning to school. Her parents let her return to school when she was twelve and she had to enter back into school as a second grader. She did very well entering back into school, but that year turned out to be a difficult year because her father died. Rosemitha missed too much school after her father’s death and did not pass. She and her siblings all sat out of school the next school year and tried to raise goats to help the family with some income so the children could return to school. Five of the eight siblings entered school the next year, and Rosemitha re-entered the third grade at the age of 13. Now, Rosemitha is in the sixth grade and doing very well. She has hopes of moving on to the BGM high school next year.¬† It has been very difficult, but Rosemitha and her siblings have been determined to get through school. Unfortunately, this situation is quite common among children from remote villages in Haiti. However, now that BGM has started the sponsorship program, Rosemitha and her siblings will eventually all find sponsors and they will be able to continue on through school without taking turns and without worrying about how they will help their mother pay for it. She is very excited about that.