Birthday: December 28, 2008 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-092JHC


Widney is a sixteen year old from the village of Gros Balance who lives with his mother, five sisters, and one brother. His father died three years ago while working in the garden. The family says he had a heart attack or stroke from the heat. Widney was only six when it happened, but he remembered thinking afterwards that he did not ever want to grow up to be a farmer. He doesn’t want to work himself to death like his father did. Widney is very proud of his father for being such a hard worker, but he also knows that his work is probably why he died. Instead of becoming a farmer like his dad, Widney wants to study medicine. He thinks he wants to be a medic that drives an ambulance and helps people get to a hospital when they are sick. Widney has always wanted to be able to go to school, but he was never able to go to school past the first grade. He studies with his older sisters at home so that he doesn’t forget the things he learns, but three years was a long time ago and he was just starting to learn to read good. He is afraid that when is does finally find a sponsor, he will have to learn to read all over again. He does like to write, and he practices writing all the time. He also enjoys working and helping around the house. He helps his sisters go to the well to draw water for their family every day, and he helps with a small garden by their house. It makes him sad when he sees his friends walking to school every day while he sits at home with his siblings. He wants desperately to go to school.