Birthday: October 8, 2006 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-051J

Reginal 2017-00-051J is a kind young man who loves to work. He lives with his mother, father, grandfather, three sisters, and five brothers. With such a large family, they all have to work hard to survive from day to day. He gets up very early every morning to go draw water from the village well for his family. His whole family chips in to gather water because they all have to bathe and use some of the water to cook and wash clothes and dishes. His father and grandfather both work in a garden to raise vegetables to sell at market. His mother takes the produce to market every Friday to sell so that the family will have enough money to buy rice and oil. The family does not make much money, and since Reginald is a middle child, he is having to wait his turn to go to school. He went to school for four years, but then his younger siblings became old enough for school, so he is sitting out so they can go. He wants a sponsor so badly so he doesn’t have to miss any more school. It makes him so sad to know that so many of his friends in the village have to do what he is doing. He wishes his family could afford to send ALL of his siblings to school at the same time, but it’s just too expensive. One day they will all be sponsored and they won’t have to worry about it anymore. He is very thankful for that. He is very thankful that God sent BGM to his village to help people get well and stay healthy and to help the children get an education. He believes that one day everyone in his village will live better because they have been able to get an education.