Birthday: March 30, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-167JHCM

Nodson is a fun-loving 12 year old from the village of Gros Balance near Galette Chambon who lives with his mother, father, sister, and brother. He enjoys helping his father in the garden, studying his lessons, doing homework, and playing with friends. His favorite subject in school is Creole, and when he grows up he wants to become a doctor. Nodson is thankful that he has been able to go to school, but now that his siblings are old enough to go to school too, he is afraid that he will have to sit out from school so that his siblings can start. This is a very common practice in the village in Haiti when parents can’t afford to send all of their children to school. Nodson wants desperately to stay in school. He is so close to being able to go to the high school, and after he gets through high school, he will be the first in his family to graduate! Nodson says he loves his village and his country very much. He says his country is very beautiful and the mountains reach up to the sky.