Birthday: January 15, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-090JHC

Lona¬†is a bright and lively twelve year old from the village of Gro Balance who lives with her mother, four sisters, and two brothers. Her father died three years ago, and ever since he died, she has not been able to return to school. She misses school very much because she loves to learn. It is hard to watch so many of her friends go to school each day and she has to stay home and watch her younger siblings while her mother and older sister go to market to sell things to try to support the family. Lona wants to study medicine one day so she can find a good job that helps people at the same time. She’s not sure if she will become a doctor or a nurse or a medic or a midwife, but she loves helping people and the medical field is intriguing to her. She is praying that one day she and all of her siblings will find sponsors so that they will have a better chance as making their life goals come true.