Birthday: January 6, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-089JHC 

Shaneika is a precious seven year old from the village of Gros Balance who lives with her mother, four sisters and two brothers. Their father died three years ago, and it has been very hard for their mother to take care of them by herself. Shaneika absolutely loves school, but she has not been able to go back to school since her father died. It made her very sad to lose him, but it makes her even more sad to know her mother wants so badly to be able to send her to school, but she just can’t afford it. Shaneika tries to study her old books so she doesn’t forget things while she waits to be able to return to school. She prays every day that she will one day find a sponsor so that her mama doesn’t have to worry about it anymore and she can one day have an opportunity to pursue her dreams to become a nurse.