Birthday: January 16, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-063JM


Jeff Stanley is a determined 17 year old from Galette Chambon who recently graduated from one of our elementary schools to our BGM High School. He is now in the 10th grade after passing the National Exam, and he is very proud to be able to continue going to school. He used to not have any problem paying for his school because his father has a pretty good job. However, recently his aunt and grandfather moved in with them and it has put a big strain on the family budget. His grandfather is often sick and has to go to the hospital. There are some months that it takes every bit of money his father and mother can make to pay his grandfather’s hospital expenses. His principal has continued to let him go to school because he works hard and makes good grades, but his parent have asked to put him in the sponsorship program so that they can focus on grandfather’s health needs and not worry about Jeff Stanley not being able to go to school. Jeff Stanley’s father is a plumber and mechanic and his mother sometimes cooks food and sells it to make a little extra money. When Jeff Stanley isn’t in school, he likes to play football with is friends, go to church, study his lessons, eat, and sing in the church youth choir. When he grows up, he wants to become an engineer and build large buildings in a big city.