Birthday: April 14, 2013 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-166JHC

Lobens¬†is a precious little four year old who is close to our hearts. He has no idea how hard life is for his mother, but she tries desperately to provide for him and his siblings. Three years ago, we met his mother, Darlene, when she was pregnant with Lobens’ little brother. She is originally from the mountain village of Bel Fontaine. She was living with her three children in a village called Fonds Verrettes with a man who said he loved her and was the father of her third child. Recently he said he could not support her and her children anymore and he beat her up and kicked them all out of the house. She returned to Galette Chambon, found a small room to live in with her children, and came to Hope Center to seek help. We told her we could put her oldest child, Lobens, in the sponsorship program and he could go to school while waiting for a sponsor. At least there he would be eating every day. We found an extra uniform for him and some books, and he has been going to school, but he needs a sponsor. In the picture above, he brought his homework for us to see. He is SOOOO proud to be going to school. He has already made friends at school and is doing well. Now we are working on finding a way for his mother to become a vendor so she can make money to provide for her family.