Birthday: October 20, 2011 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-159J


Louvgens is almost seven years old and he desperately wants to go to school. He has never been able to go to school before because he lives with her handicapped mother and she could not afford to send him and he has always stayed home with her and helped her. Recently a leader in the community noticed that Louvgens was not in school, so he talked with a neighbor and asked if they could help his mother in the mornings while he is in school if he is able to find a sponsor. The neighbor agreed, so they send Louvgens to Hope Center to get in the program! Louvgens wants to learn to drive one day and become a tap-tap driver one day. He loves to play with toy cars at home when he has time to play. When asked what he loves about Haiti, he said that he loves how everyone works so hard in his country in order to survive.