Birthday: November 19, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-157J

Dana is a sixteen year old girl from the village of Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother, one sister, and three brothers. (She apologized for wearing a hat in her picture but she recently had to have stitches put in her head after a fall, and she wanted to cover the bandage.) Her father died in the great earthquake of 2010. He was working on a construction project at the time and his body was never found. After the earthquake, Dana and her family lived in a tent city for two years before moving in with some family members in Gwo Balanse. Because they didn’t know anything about the area, Dana did not go back to school for three years after moving. Dana tried to go to the public school in Ganthier, but it was really hard for her to find transportation that they could afford. She really wants to get back into school and get serious about finishing, so she has decided to try to get a sponsorship to Johel’s school so she can get through sixth grade and move on to the BGM High School. Dana really enjoys cooking and would love to do it for a living one day. She also thinks she might enjoy being a nurse. Her favorite subject is math, particularly algebra. The thing she loves most about Haiti is the beautiful beaches and flowers and trees.