Birthday: July 23, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-078M

Odilon is a brilliant fifteen year old from the village of Boucandrice who lives with his mother, father, six sisters, and three brothers. Boucandrice is quite a distance from the BGM Secondary School in Galette Chambon, but Odilon and several friends all walk together to school every day. They don’t mind the walk if it means they can go to a good, reputable school like the BGM School. His parents are farmers who work hard to keep a garden so that they can feed their family and sell produce at the market in Ti Mache. They have had a hard few years lately though because of the two droughts and Hurricane Matthew which wiped out their entire crop. There’s no government assistance to be found when a natural disaster does something like this, so their family has struggled really hard to survive. This year, Odilon is the only child in his family that is going to be able to go to school. They cannot afford to send any more. That really makes Odilon sad though because he wants his siblings to be able to go to school too. But then he understands that’s life in Haiti too. He likes to teach others the things he learns in school, so every day when he gets home from school, he spends time teaching his siblings how to read and write. One day he hopes to put this passion to work by being a professor in a school himself!