BIrthday: November 29, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-038M


Melienne is a lovely, bright thirteen year old with dreams of becoming a nurse one day. She comes from the village of Boucandrice which is near Galette Chambon, but still a fairly long hike to the BGM Secondary School. She lives with her mother and father and five sisters and three brothers. They live in a small, one-room house made of sticks and dirt next to her aunt and grandparents. Her parents do not have jobs. Her father knows how to do masonry work, so any time he can get some work helping build a house, he tries. The family does try to grow a garden to, but it barely produces enough for all of them to eat. She says life is hard in Haiti, but God teaches her many things through struggles. She watched her grandfather die of sickness and that was really hard. She wished she had known how to help him, but God used his death to show her what she was to do with the rest of her life. She decided to find a really good school to go to so that she would be challenged to work hard and graduate from high school so that she could go to nursing school and become a nurse. She is now determined to finish school and go on to nursing school so she can help other people who are sick like her grandfather was. She is thankful for the opportunity to be sponsored in school because her whole family sacrifices a lot to try to pay for her school. She prays daily that God will make a way.