Birthday: April 24, 2000 Sponsorship#: 2017-00-033M

Lovetalie is a bright sixteen-year-old girl from the village of Bwa Chandel. It is quite a distance to walk from her village to the BGM Secondary School in Galette Chambon, but she has several friends that also go to the school, and they all walk together every day. She lives with her mother and father, four sisters and three brothers. Her parents do not have jobs because there just isn’t much work to be found in her little village in the mountains. They do try to grow a garden to feed their family, and they also try to raise a few goats for emergencies when they need money. When Lovetalie decided she wanted to go to the BGM school last year, she talked to her father about it and he sold a goat to be able to pay for her tuition. That was a big sacrifice for her father to make, but he knows that his daughter has dreams of becoming a nurse one day, and he also knows that if she is going to have any chance of doing that, she needs to go to a good school. The BGM school has a good reputation of being an excellent school, so he did what he had to do to help her go. This year, Lovetalie doesn’t want her father to have to give up another goat to pay for her school. She would rather find a sponsor so her parents are not so worried about how to pay for her school. Her principal said he would give her some time to try to be sponsored before expecting them to pay because she is a good student and he wants the best for her. She is thankful for the opportunity to try to find a sponsor not only because they will help her pay for her school, but also because she knows they will pray for her and for her family.