Birthday: November 2, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-104JM


Djenika is one of our new graduates from Pastor Johel’s school who has now promoted to our BGM Secondary School. Djenika lives with her mom, dad, two sisters, and three brothers. Djenika loves school and is very smart. She wants to become a doctor one day! She loves to study her lessons, eat with friends, and go to church. Her favorite subject in school is French. Djenika is excited to be able to go to the secondary school, but she is really hoping and praying for a sponsor. If she finds a sponsor, she knows that it will take a lot of pressure off of her family to try to put five children through school where the only option is private school in her village. One of her brothers is going to the university to school and that is very expensive for her family. She is proud that he is going, but it makes it financially very difficult for her parents to be able to afford to pay for school for her  and her other siblings. Djenika is very thankful for the things that But God Ministries is doing in her village and for all of her friends. She prays all the time that God will bless BGM because He uses BGM to bless her village.