Birthday: November 1, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-087SM

Frantzon¬†is a bright thirteen year old from the village of Dalgrow near Galette Chambon. He lives with his parents and two brothers who all work in a large garden in their village with several other families. Every summer, Frantzon works hard with his family to produce a large crop that they can take to market and sell so his family can eat. They sell corn, millet, and beans at market. Frantzon loves to play soccer when he has a little free time. His favorite subject in school is mathematics and when he grows up he wants to learn how to drive the big trucks that haul rocks for construction. He is thankful that Director Salomon let him go to school this past year without a sponsor, but if he is going to go next year, he must find a sponsor. He didn’t mind going all year with just a t-shirt, but he sure would love to have a tailor made uniform like the sponsor kids and not have to worry any more about whether or not he can go to school!