Birthday: April 11, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-093S

Dadeley¬†is a loving ten year old from the village of Jacquet near Ti Mache. She lives there with her parents, one sister, and three brothers. Her father is “Boss Henry” and he is one of the tailors in the new BGM business, NRH Kouti. She is really excited that her daddy is part of a growing business that will one day make things for people all over the world. It’s really exciting to her that he is helping make all of the uniforms in three schools this year too. Dadeley and her family will be moving to Hope Center village soon because a team built them a house. She is happy to be moving so she can live closer to her daddy’s work and she will feel safer. She enjoys playing on the playground when she’s not in school and her favorite subject is mathematics. She hopes to become a doctor one day and work at Hope Center clinic.