Birthday: April 12, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-116JHC  

Lukenson is a precious fourteen year old from the village of Boucandrice but has recently moved to Cargo near Galette Chambon. He lives with is mother, brother, and two sisters.  He used to be in the sponsorship program along with his siblings, but their father died last year leaving them with no way to support themselves. They house they were living in belonged to their father, so after he died, his father’s family took the house and sent the family away. They moved up to Boucandrice where his mother is from, but they had no way to go to school. His mother decided to find a way to move back to Cargo so the children could try to find sponsors again and go to school so they could learn and get a hot meal every day. Lukenson loves to study his lessons and play soccer. His favorite subject is French, and when he is grown up, he wants to be a doctor. If he doesn’t get to be a doctor, he thinks he would like to be a chauffer because he thinks it would be cool to drive a bus. He is soooo excited to have a sponsor!