Birthday: April 24, 2001
Sponsorship #: 2017-00-040M

Mirana¬†is a sixteen year old girl from the village of Plasman near Galette Chambon. She comes from a large family with four sisters, two brothers, and her mother and father all sharing a small, two-room house, but they work hard to take care of themselves and depend on God for everything they have. Her father is a farmer and he helps tend a large garden in the village as a share cropper. Her mother stays at home with the children. Although her father does make decent money, it’s not enough to send seven children to school. Mirana has big dreams of becoming a nurse one day, so school is very important to her. Her favorite subject is biology and her favorite things to do when she’s not in school are study, practice learning technology, cooking with her mother, sleeping, and when there is electricity, she likes to go to her neighbor’s house to watch TV. Mirana is determined to do well in school, and if she can find a sponsor, she will be very happy because that will mean that maybe one of her other siblings can go to school too.