Birthday: April 12, 2003 (??) Sponsorship #: 2017-00-098S  

Ysidor is a 14 year old young man from the nearby village of Dame Marre. He lives with his great aunt, Fiselie, who took him in after both of his parents died. Only he and his aunt live in the small house made of sticks and mud where she was born and has lived for over 77 years. Fiselie does not have any source of income and she and Ysidor sometimes go days without eating , so she certainly can’t afford to send him to school. Sometimes he comes to the orphanage and stands outside the gate waiting to ask someone if he can have something to eat. When asked if he would like to be able to go to school and have a hot meal every day, Ysidor smiled really big and nodded his head YES!! When asked if he knew someone with a telephone we could call when he gets a sponsor, he said no, but he would come knock on the gate of Hope Center every day until I could tell him YES, he has a sponsor.