Birthday: October 11, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-105SM  

Lovelande is a twelve year old girl from an area in Galette Chambon called Dal Gros. She lives with her mother, two sisters, and three brothers. Her mother does not have a job, so their family is dependent on other family members to be able to survive. Her grandfather is a farmer and he tries to make enough money to support them all. In her free time, Lovelande enjoys going to church with her frinds and singing in the choir. Lovelande loves to sing! She would love to one day be able to sing for a living. She has been allowed to go to school this year while waiting for a sponsor, but if she doesn’t find a sponsor before next school year, she may have to sit out of school because her family can’t afford to pay for it. She understands that school is very important and she loves to study math, so once she finds a sponsor, she plans to work very hard to one day become a math teacher and hopefully sing as well.