Birthday: November 22, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-012SM

Ednord is a mild mannered seventeen year old from an area of Galette Chambon called Plas Chal. He lives with his mother and two sisters and two brothers. Ednord helps his mother take care of his little brother and sisters because he has accepted the role of man of the family. Their father died when he was thirteen and in the fourth grade. He and his siblings had been taking turns going to school before that. When their father died, Ednord decided to try to work to support the family. Now that Salomon’s school has a sponsorship program, however, he has hope of finishing school. He knows he will always have to work as well, but at least he has hope for finishing. It’s really hard to go to school and work to provide for the family, but Ednord gladly does so by working as hard as he can. He looks for work wherever he can find it. Sometimes he helps with construction crews. Sometimes he works in local gardens. Sometimes he helps fix bicycles and motorcycles for a little extra money. He studies hard, goes to school in the mornings, and then finds whatever work he can in the afternoons. His favorite subject is French and he is hoping that he can one day become either a doctor or an engineer.