Birthday: June 2, 2006
Sponsorship #: 2017-00-008S

Chedna is a beautiful eighteen year old  who lives in the village of Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon. (The photo above is from the year 2017 when she first entered the sponsorship program.) Her family had to move from the village two years ago to try to find sharecropping work in another part of the country. They did find work for a while, but then that farm closed down so they moved back to Galette Chambon where they have family. Chedna is eager to get back into the BGM Schools because she values her education and loves school. She must have a sponsor, however, in order to get back into school.

She has two sisters and seven brothers and they all live with their parents who do not have any consistent source of income. They sometimes help on farms as share croppers or sell produce from their own small garden in order to feed their family, but it doesn’t not create sufficient income to support a family of eleven. Chedna does enjoy helping her mother with chores and cooking for the family. They live in a family compound where everyone works hard to provide for and share with everyone else. She loves her family. When she has free time, she enjoys playing with friends and braiding one another’s hair. Her favorite subject is mathematics, and she is very thankful to Director Salomon for allowing her to go to school while she waits for a sponsor. She wants so badly to finish school so she can pursue her dream of becoming a nurse when she grows up. She is thankful for the sponsorship program because she believes that when all of her friends are able to go to school, they will one day all be able to find jobs that will help people in their village live better lives. She thanks God every day for the way God has made it possible for so many children to finally go to school. She prays every day that He will one day help her to find a sponsor like so many of her friends.