Birthday: March 15, 2005 Sponsorship #:2017-00-069JM  

  Linianora is a twelve year old from the village of Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. Neither of her parents have full time jobs. They sometimes grow things in a small garden to sell at market, but there is not a good source of water in their part of the village. When she is not in school, she likes to play with her friends. She is thankful that Pastor Johel has let her go to school this year even though she doesn’t have a sponsor and she cannot afford to pay for school. She wants to be like the other students though who have sponsors and books. The only reason she has a uniform is because her cousin had an old one to loan her and she borrows books from classmates to study. She works hard to do well in school because she wants to be a nurse one day. She knows that if she is going to ever accomplish her dreams, she must work hard even though she doesn’t have books. She does not take school for granted at all. She prays every day that she will soon get a sponsor so she does not have to worry about her future any more.