Birthday: May 23, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-048M  

Nycka is a very special young lady from Galette Chambon who has a great deal of responsibility on her hands. She is the oldest of six children in her family and both of their parents are deceased. Nycka gets all of her younger siblings ready for school in the mornings and then studies while they are in school. She is very thankful that all of them have sponsors and they can eat a meal at school! In the afternoons, when her siblings get out of school, they stay with a neighbor until Nycka gets out of school around 5 in the evening. After that, her hands are full making sure her siblings have done all of their homework and eaten a snack before bed. It is really hard for Nycka to be the keeper of her home and go to school at the same time, but she is determined to finish high school and become a nurse one day. She hopes that BGM will have a hospital by then so she can work in her own village and take care of her family. Her favorite subject in school is Experimental Science and when she’s not in school, she doesn’t really have time for a social life because of her responsibilities at home. She loves her family though and is thankful that she can take care of them.