Birthday: May 9, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-029M  

Lonie is a quite and loving young lady from Galette Chambon who loves to study her lessons in school. She has three brothers and they all live with their parents in the village. Her parents do not have jobs, so they have no way of supporting the family. Lonie is very thankful that BGM started a school where she could go and learn and hopefully one day help support her family by becoming a seamstress. She loves to sew and she makes most of her own clothes. She even made her own uniform! Her favorite subject in school has always been Kreyole, but they don’t study this language in high school, so her next favorite is French. Lonie wants to thank her sponsor for making it possible for her and all of her friends to be able to go to school and make their lives better.