Birthday: August 13, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-052M  

Ricemond is a happy, fun-loving, hard working 17 year old from Galette Chambon who is excited to be going to the BGM high school. He comes from a large family where everyone works hard in the fields as share croppers. He has three sisters and two brothers, and all of them work as much as they can to try to feed their family and make ends meet. His household is not just him, his parents and siblings; living with them are also two aunts, their children, their grandparents, and an uncle who has been bedridden since he was 13 years old. There are a lot of mouths to feed in his house, and Rismond does all he can to help. He often finds work on construction crews in the village where there is an opportunity. Ricemond is happy to work if it means helping his family survive. This is why he is 17 and in the 8th grade. He has chosen to sit out of school a year here and there to allow siblings to go or to work to provide for his family. He is determined to finish though because he wants to go to college to become a social studies teacher and musician. Ricemond loves music and he sometimes plays the guitar or drums at his church. He has taught himself how to play both and playing music gives him much joy and satisfaction.