Birthday: November 8, 1998
#: 2017-00-083M  

Esaie is an eighteen year old young man from the village of TiSource who has been determined to finish school no matter how long it takes him. He has three younger sisters and two younger brothers who are all taking turns going to school because his mother cannot afford to send all of them to school at once. Since he was 10 years old, he has been having to sit out of school two years at a time so that his younger siblings can get a year in. When he is not in school, he studies his old books to stay on top of things and he studies friends’ lessons to learn more. He loves school and wishes he could go all the time, but the small store that his mother manages does not make much money in the slow economy of his village. His father is deceased, so his mother tries to support all of the children on her own. Esaie is very smart. His favorite subjects are Physics, Algebra, and French. He wants to study some sort of medicine when he grows up, but he is not sure if he wants to be a doctor or something else. He just knows he wants to work in the medical field.