Birthday: July 16, 2008
Sponsorship #: 2017-00-039S

Mickendy is the son of Mirlande and Wilson Mertilus. He is excited to be the big brother to Widlande and the twins Evelyne and Evensly who have all been through our Hope Center malnutrition program. The family lives in a part of Galette Chambon called Brachandel. Mickendy’s father is a voodoo priest in the village and his mother recently became a Christian. We have been praying for his family for a long time and we hope that soon his father will become a Christian as well and give up the life of voodoo. We believe that as we minister to this family, they will come to know the love and power of Jesus Christ and the victory of life with Him. Mickendy’s wants to learn how to speak French and one day become a French professor in school. He loves to play with his friends and neighbors and help his mother with the family chickens.