Birthday: April 18, 2000 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-017M  

Gefferson is a bright young man who lives with his mother, two sisters, and five brothers in a village called Bonet near Galette Chambon. Gefferson is the youngest of the brothers in the family and he is excited that he can go to school. His older brothers try to help their mother with a small store in the village and do various jobs around the village. Gefferson’s two sisters go to the public school in Ganthier, but it is not free. Gefferson was happy to find out that he could go to Moliere’s school if he was in the sponsorship program. Because he is so bright and willing to travel such a long way to school every day, the principal decided to let him go to school until he finds a sponsor. This was an amazing opportunity that he could not pass up. One day Gefferson wants to work in a hospital in some capacity because he wants to help people who are sick. He is not sure if that means being a doctor, nurse, or ambulance driver. He just knows he wants to work in a hospital. When Gefferson is not in school, he likes to study his lessons and he also likes to play soccer with his friends. His favorite subject in school is mathematics.