Birthday: March 13, 1999
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-263M

Ernso is a young man with great responsibility, and he takes it very seriously. He lives with his mother and four sisters in a small village called Boucandrice near Galette Chambon. Their father died of malaria five years ago and Ernso had to quit school to work the family garden because he was the only man in the family. He was only twelve years old at the time. It made him very sad to lose his father and quit school, but he recognized that this is what he had to do to help his family. This year, his mother convinced him to return to school so that he could pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor. He works the farm in the morning, and then he goes to school in the afternoon. His sisters are now old enough to help his mother with chores at home when he is at school. Ernso loves school, and his favorite subject is science. When asked what he likes to do when he’s not in school, and he really couldn’t think of anything he likes better than going to school because it means so much to him to get an education. He is very thankful for this opportunity.