Birthday: November 2, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-262M  


Chedeline is a shy fifteen year old that lives in Galette Chambon with her two brothers and their mother. Their father died two years ago and their mother does not have any source of income. Chedeline is the only one in the family who is going to school and she is praying that she finds a sponsor soon so she can continue. Her favorite classes are French and Spanish and she loves school so much that when school is out, she wants to be back in. She wants to become a nurse one day because it makes her so sad when people she knows are sick. She wishes she could have known how to help her father when he became so sick. She is determined to become a nurse one day so that she can help people get better when they are sick. Chedeline recently lost her sponsor, so she is praying for someone to sponsor her again.