Birthday: March 9, 2004
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-260M

Michelle Ange is a precious twelve year old 7th grader who is one of the brightest in her class. She lives in the village of Galette Chambon with her parents, two sisters, and two brothers. Her parents do not have jobs, so it is very hard to provide for five children and two adults in one family. Michelle Ange doesn’t let that get her down though because she has great faith that God will always provide for her every need. Michelle Ange has always dreamed of becoming a nurse one day, and she hopes that her love of Science and French will be helpful as she pursues this career. She is hoping that one day BGM will have a hospital and she will be able to work as a nurse there! In the meantime, her favorite past time when not in school is studying her homework, and she is excited about the opportunity to follow her dreams.