Birthday: February 29, 2013 Sponsor # 2016-00-236JHC   

Weedson is three years old and he lives in Hope Center Village with his mom, grandmother, two cousins, and great grandparents. Weedson’s grandmother, Benitha, takes care of all of them. Weedson’s family moved to Hope Center back in 2013 from the tent city. Shortly after moving in, Weedson was born. His mother had to quit school after the earthquake because they lost everything they had and they could not afford school. They lived in the tent city for almost three years and life was very rough. They were very happy to get a new home at Hope Center. About a year after moving in, their house caught on fire when a propane tank exploded. They were not in it thankfully, but again, they lost everything. The whole community chipped in to help and we moved them down to another house. They have done a beautiful job of making their new house a home. Shortly after moving into the new house, Weedson’s great grandparents moved in with them because they were very sick. Benitha does all she can to provide for her family but it is extremely difficult. Weedson’s mother stays with him and his grandparents during the day while Benitha goes to different houses in the village and helps clean in order to make a little money. Now that Weedson is old enough to go to school, things will be a little easier, especially if he finds a sponsor. He is so excited to go to school. He thinks his favorite thing about school will be lunch! In his free time he likes to play with his puppy and friends. When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer or security guard.