Birthday: September 22, 2000 Sponsor#: 2016-00-233HC 

Kiderson – “Sander”is his nickname. He is a bright eighteen year old that lives in the village of Cargo near Galette Chambon. He has five sisters and four brothers and they all live with their parents who are farmers. Sander himself has two goats that he is planning to breed and start selling to help support his family. He is a hard worker and he loves to help his father farm as much as possible. Sander’s favorite subject in school is math and when he grows up he wants to become a doctor so that he can protect people’s health. We recently received news that the Orlius family has had a tragedy. Their house burned down and they lost everything. All of the siblings have lost their uniforms, books, back packs, etc. They had worked and saved hard to be able to buy used books and back packs so they could study but now those are gone. As soon as they all get sponsors, we can purchase them new back packs and books and have them all new uniforms made. God is good!!