Birthday: September 22, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-118M

Ducarmel is a fourteen year old and in the 8th grade at our BGM school. He is one of the brightest students in the school and he has BIG plans. He comes from the small village of DalGros near Galette Chambon, and he chose to go to the BGM school because he believes it will his best shot at becoming a doctor. He had heart it was a very good school and he could get a sponsor that would help him afford it. He lives with his mother, father, four sisters, and a brother. They are farmers and in his spare time he loves to help his father in the garden. His favorite subjects in school is experimental science and French. He believes these two subjects will help him when he goes to med school to become a doctor. He wants to thank BGM for opening this school and giving young men like him a chance to become what they dream of becoming.