Birthday: July 24, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-253S


Peterson is an eighteen year old from Galette Chambon and he lives with whomever will let him stay with them for a while. His father abandoned them when he was a baby and his mother left for the DR when he was four years old. Ever since, he has been pretty much on his own. He has two sisters and three brothers and all of them live with different people. He has not seen his sisters since his mother left. He knows where his brothers live, but he doesn’t get to see them much. He has not been able to go to school for the last four years because the school he was attending for free closed down. Recently one of the community leaders in Galette Chambon noticed Peterson and his friend Chello hanging out at the square during school hours and he asked why they weren’t in school. They explained their story and he brought them to Hope Center to get put in the program. Peterson wants to be a policeman when he grows up because he wants to protect people. He says his favorite subjects in school are Creole, history, and geography. When asked what he loves about his country, he just shook his head. He said that he doesn’t like how there are so many problems. However, he said that if he can finish school and become a policeman, he wants to help fix the problems that Haiti has.