Birthday: September 25, 2002 Sponsor # 2016-00-252JM  

Kimberly is a beautiful fourteen year old who goes to Johel’s school. She lives in Hope Center Village with her mother, father, and sister. Her father goes to Port au Prince as often as he can to try to find work, and her mother doesn’t have any work to do. Last year Kimberly went to the secondary school for seventh grade, but she became very sick with Typhoid fever and had to stay away from school. She missed so many days that she did not pass and was not allowed to go back. Kimberly wants desperately to go to school and learn though, so she was willing to repeat the 6th grade and retake her national exam to earn the possibility of returning to the secondary school next year. She is so smart and she wants to one day become a nurse. Her favorite subject in school is math and in her free time she enjoys reading her Bible. She says she loves Haiti so much because it is her home country and she loves its history.