Birthday: December 3, 2006 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-249SM  

Elyfrand is twelve years old and he lives in the village of Gros Balance near Galette Chambon with his mother, two sisters, and four brothers. Their father died five years ago and left them with no source of income. They sold what livestock they had to pay for his funeral and then their mother began selling snacks as a vendor to try to raise a little money. It is not enough to support a family though. Elyfrand and his brothers all had to stop going to school after their father died because they could not afford it. For several years, he borrowed friends’ books and studied them so he could keep learning even when he wasn’t in school. In 2016, he finally found a sponsor through the BGM school sponsorship program, Thankfully, not only did Elyfrand find a sponsor, but his brothers got sponsors too, so they have been going to school every day since then! He is so excited that he has finally made it to sixth grade, so next year he can move on to the high school! Sadly, however, Elyfrantd may have to drop out this year if he doesn’t find a sponsor soon. He desperately needs a sponsor so that his education doesn’t get interrupted. BGM is allowed to give students three months to be picked back up, but after that, his mother will have to start paying tuition, which she cannot afford. When Elyfrand finishes school, he wants to go to a trade school and learn how to sew so that he can be a tailor and make uniforms for schools in the village. His favorite subject is math, and in his free time he likes to do homework and study his lessons.