Birthday: February 16, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-197M


Nandy Louvdena is a bright nineteen year old who is very ready to enter her senior year! She was sponsored but recently lost her sponsorship. It would be such a shame for her to make it all the way to her senior year and then not be able to to continue school. She desperately needs a new sponsor. Nandy lives with her parents, three brothers, and one sister in Galette Chambon. Her parents are farmers in the village and she enjoys helping her mother sell vegetables that they grow in their garden. This girl absolutely LOVES school. Her favorite subject is mathematics and when she is not in school, she likes to study math and if she can save up a little money for a tutor, she loves to learn as much as she can over the summer. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up because she wants to be able to help people. She is so thankful that she will have this opportunity to be in the sponsorship program and take the pressure off of her parents to pay for her school. Now she can learn and not worry about whether or not her parents are going to be able to afford to send her again next year.