Birthday: June 1, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-191M

Naika  is a brilliant eleven year old who is advancing to the seventh grade this year and she is so excited that she has been accepted into the BGM Secondary School. She said she feels so privileged to be able to attend this new school in the village. Naika is part of a group of students that walk quite a distance from the village of Adal-go to attend the BGM Secondary School. She lives with her parents and two older brothers. Her parents are farmers and her brothers help them work the farm. When she is not in school, she helps her mother sell things that they grow in the garden. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and when she grows up, she wants to become a nurse. Naika says she loves to eat and her favorite thing is when her father decides to treat the family with goat. This is a delicacy in Haiti, and they only get have it on special occasions, but she likes it when they do.  Naika wanted to be sure and express on her profile how much she appreciates what BGM is doing in Galette Chambon and neighboring villages. Both of her grandmothers are regular patients at the Hope Center clinic and she believes they would not be alive today if BGM was not here…thank you.