Birthday: October 14, 2000 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-192M

Lovely Cinè is a beautiful sixteen year old from a neighboring village called Borvandrice. She walks a long way to get to school every day, but she is thankful that she can go to a good school that has a sponsorship program. She is also thankful that the principal believed in her enough to let her go ahead and attend while she waits for a sponsor. She prays every day for a sponsor so that she can get a uniform and books soon too. In the meantime, she will work hard and find a way to study without the books. Lovely has one brother and one sister and her parents are farmers. Her favorite subject is Experimental Science and when she is not in school, she loves to play soccer. She was really excited when she was selected to be on the new BGM soccer team! She just never dreamed she would ever go to a school like this where she can learn so much and also play soccer!  She wants to be a nurse when she grows up so that she can help people who are sick. What she loves most about Haiti is the beautiful flowers.