Birthday: July 7, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-121M

Wilna Joseph is a seventeen year old girl from Galette Chambon with big hopes and dreams. She has two sisters and two brothers. Her parents have a small store in the village, but they do not make much money with it. All of her siblings are school age, and Wilna had to stop going to school when she reached the 6th grade four years ago because her younger siblings needed to start school too and the family could not afford for all of them to go to school. Since she had to quit school, she has been working in her parents small market to try to help them raise money for her siblings’ school. She is so excited that BGM now has a secondary school that has a sponsorship program because she can now have more hope for reaching her goals.

Wilna has dreams of becoming a nurse one day and she actually loves to visit the hospital. She hopes that one day she can have a career as a nurse and help people get well while also helping support her family.